March 16, 2008

Lynn Landes—Voting Security, EcoTalk, Poetry, and more

2008 March 17
Lynn Landes is the publisher of The Landes Report and a freelance journalist who writes about politics, health, and the environment. She's one of the nation’s leading researchers and analysts on voting integrity issues. 
In today's interview, we learn exactly how secure our vote is (it is not) and, acting locally, what we can do about the issue—Citizen Audits.
A trenchant observation by Lynn:
Never assume people are telling the truth or are doing their jobs. Check them. Always assume there is another layer of the onion to peel away.
Some featured information: The 1987 Leonard Gates Deposition, by a Cininnati Bell employee describing the participation of his company in hacking into mainframe election computers in cities across the country. She notes:
If you steal by a little bit, it arouses suspicion. If you steal by a lot (the big lie), the results are more believable; you do not automatically trigger a recount.
Melinda: let's write a book Stealing Elections by John Fund, and claim it was found in a donut shop.
Jeff from Idaho points out that Ron Paul supporters have an opportunity to contribute to the campaign by calling every potential committee precinct person in Idaho, please go to Ron Paul Idaho.

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