March 19, 2008

Fourth Corner Exchange—Interview with Francis Ayley and Leah Ayley

2008 March 19
Fourth Corner ExchangeAlternative Money for Alternative Minds—is a Terra Dollar clearing house: it facilitates labor- and value trades between interested parties. Terra Dollars constitute a community currency.
Francis got his start by founding North London LETSNeighbours exchanging goods and services without using money—one of the largest Local Exchange Trading Systems operating in England today.
Francis says, “We want to do what bank money has never done: to provide a decent monetary system.”
The Fourth Corner Exchange website has a resource page with videos and books that will help people learn more about how the system works. Many of the books in the resource list to the right appear on Fourth Corner's site, so we see agree on their value.
A caller, Tom from New Jersey, directed us to a site with a vidoe of Francis Ayley.
Fourth Corner exchanges are 100% transparent: all trades are completely open.
Paula from Florida called to describe her experience with her audit by the Internal Revenue Service.
Francis’ book list, announced on the webcast:
Video (47 minutes): Money as Debt by Paul Grignon
Book: The Future of Money by Bernard Lietaer
Book: The Grip of Death by Michael Rowbotham
Book: Money by Thomas C. Greco
Book: The Soul of Money by Lynn Twist

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