March 26, 2008

Speaking Truth to Power—Interview with Carolyn Baker and Augustus Franklin Dunning

2008 March 28

Carolyn Baker manifests how the personal journey informs the revolution. She is an adjunct professor of history, a former psychotherapist, an author, and a student of mythology and ritual. Her website offers up-to-the-moment alternative reporting of U.S. and international news, articles containing information and opinion, and a venue of support and connection for awake individuals who want not only to be informed, but to organize their lives and communities in ways that most effectively assist them in navigating what current events are manifesting.

She is author of Reclaiming the Dark Feminine: The Price of Desire, The Journey of Forgiveness: Fulfilling the Healing Process, U.S. History Uncensored: What Your High School Textbook Didn't Tell You, and Coming out of Fundamentalist Christianity: An Autobiography Affirming Sensuality, Social Justice, and The Sacred. Her latest, The Spirituality of Collapse, is presently looking for a publisher.

She recommends Tim Bennett and Sally Erickson’s movie What a Way to Go: Life at the End of Empire.

Relating to the economy, she highlights Catherine Austin Fitts, who has done much work in the financial markets to reveal what others want to keep hidden.
She points out that, to get off the Grids, we need to create local economy, walkable community.
She mentions a favorite article The Collapse of Life as We Know It—Wait, I Need a Mocha Latte! by Joanna Gabriel.
She highly recommends James Howard Kunstler's  World Made by Hand, which is reviewed on her site.

Eco villages: Shannon (Virginia).

Update on the RealID Act from Melinda: Mark Lerner.
Augustus Dunning notes that our Secretary of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, appears to have dual Israeli–US citizenship, and is said to be a former Mossad agent.
Carolyn's blog article: Building Circles of Community.

March 25, 2008

Claim Your Own Freedom—Interview with Jane Stillwater, Kay Lucas, and Cindy Sheehan

2008 March 26

We bring back Jane Stillwater, the Iraqi Blogger and author of Bring Your Own Flak Jacket, and we welcome Kay Lucas, director of the Crawford Peace House, and, in the second hour of the show, Cindy Sheehan, peace activist and candidate for Congress.

Freedom is something you do not have until you give it to everyone. Hear how you can claim your own freedom.

Now, we will take back America. Most of the problems we face today can be traced back to two problems. First, the take over of the reins of government in America by corporations through various devious means. In 1789 they knew it as merchantilism. During the era of the Civil War, we called them Robber Barons. Today we know them as the Grid Corporations, the people who use deceit and government to steal, converting our lives into power and money in their pockets.

Second, the fundamental mistake made by the Founders in not carrying through with their mission. That mission was, and remains, to affirm to each of us our rights, given by God, invested in us from birth. To have ratified the Constitution without ending slavery and affirming women in their rights to control their own persons, property, and destinies, created the shackles that today still enslave us. It is time to understand and reboot the system.

The Constitution is for all of us. It always was.

Kay Lucas describes the history of the Crawford Texas Peace House, mentions David Modigliani’s documentary Crawford, and the fact that G. W. Bush’s Crawford ranch is already off the grid (shouldn’t yours be?).

Jane Stillwater and Kay Lucas meet for the first time!

Jane describes her difficulties in returning to Iraq to continue her work—the administration is denying her request to travel there. The Combined Press Information Center, in the Green Zone, has raised barriers to her return. She requests help from anyone in a unit that can embed her. If you can do this, or know of someone who can, please email Jane.

Caller Charles from New Hampshire brings to our attention a video by Linda Thompson, Waco, The Big Lie. Thompson is the founder of the American Justice Federation. 

Kay cites the credit grid as the most important grid to get off. 

Connie mentions Smedley Butler’s book, War is a Racket, which you can read online. 

Cindy Sheehan reports on her trip to stand in solidarity with other mothers in Egypt, which is a dictatorship (Hosni Mubarek has been in power since 1981). Mubarak has been using military tribunals to jail people who have been found innocent by civilian courts.

Cindy’s campaign is in it to win it! Her motto: “People before Politics”.

March 24, 2008

Granny Warriors—Interview with Linda Hunnicutt

2008 March 24
Linda Hunnicutt is the original Granny Warrior! How she was radicalized through a visit from the government, who wanted to take away Buddy, her companion, on the pretext that he was a monkey. Go figure. Contrary to what people have been led to believe, PETA is not the great benefactor to animals they claim to be.
Linda comments that people seem to have been trained to fear and to call the police rather than deal with their neighbors, an act that can have terrible consequences. “Stop and think,” she says “before you dial the authorities.”
Linda is presently traveling around the country in her RV, meeting people and talking about the issues of freedom. 
She has planned the Freedom Rally, for 15 April 2008 in Washington, D.C. You can print out and circulate a petition to Restore the Constitution. A separate site has more information about the rally itself, along with a link to the online petition.
Linda counsels people to start canning and preserving food: “Make sure you have a 6-month supply, and that you can cook it without using a microwave, or electricity, or even gas.”
Linda points up Michelle Mollman's site, which has a wealth of information about the rally, along with a video she created.

March 21, 2008

Summer of Love 2008—Augustus Dunning, Jodie Evans of Code Pink

2008 March 21
Augustus Dunning talks about the Summer of Love 2008
Jody Evans, one of the founders of Code Pink, talks about the work being done to end the wars and to empower women.
Jody also mentions Wiser Earth

March 19, 2008

Fourth Corner Exchange—Interview with Francis Ayley and Leah Ayley

2008 March 19
Fourth Corner ExchangeAlternative Money for Alternative Minds—is a Terra Dollar clearing house: it facilitates labor- and value trades between interested parties. Terra Dollars constitute a community currency.
Francis got his start by founding North London LETSNeighbours exchanging goods and services without using money—one of the largest Local Exchange Trading Systems operating in England today.
Francis says, “We want to do what bank money has never done: to provide a decent monetary system.”
The Fourth Corner Exchange website has a resource page with videos and books that will help people learn more about how the system works. Many of the books in the resource list to the right appear on Fourth Corner's site, so we see agree on their value.
A caller, Tom from New Jersey, directed us to a site with a vidoe of Francis Ayley.
Fourth Corner exchanges are 100% transparent: all trades are completely open.
Paula from Florida called to describe her experience with her audit by the Internal Revenue Service.
Francis’ book list, announced on the webcast:
Video (47 minutes): Money as Debt by Paul Grignon
Book: The Future of Money by Bernard Lietaer
Book: The Grip of Death by Michael Rowbotham
Book: Money by Thomas C. Greco
Book: The Soul of Money by Lynn Twist

March 16, 2008

Lynn Landes—Voting Security, EcoTalk, Poetry, and more

2008 March 17
Lynn Landes is the publisher of The Landes Report and a freelance journalist who writes about politics, health, and the environment. She's one of the nation’s leading researchers and analysts on voting integrity issues. 
In today's interview, we learn exactly how secure our vote is (it is not) and, acting locally, what we can do about the issue—Citizen Audits.
A trenchant observation by Lynn:
Never assume people are telling the truth or are doing their jobs. Check them. Always assume there is another layer of the onion to peel away.
Some featured information: The 1987 Leonard Gates Deposition, by a Cininnati Bell employee describing the participation of his company in hacking into mainframe election computers in cities across the country. She notes:
If you steal by a little bit, it arouses suspicion. If you steal by a lot (the big lie), the results are more believable; you do not automatically trigger a recount.
Melinda: let's write a book Stealing Elections by John Fund, and claim it was found in a donut shop.
Jeff from Idaho points out that Ron Paul supporters have an opportunity to contribute to the campaign by calling every potential committee precinct person in Idaho, please go to Ron Paul Idaho.

March 14, 2008

Second Summer of Love—Interview with Augustus Dunning, Jane Stillwater, and Carol Jones

2008 March 14
Today, we declare a cessation of hostilities between the Right and the Left, so we can turn to the Neocons, and say, ‘You are the past.’
Our guests include Jane Stillwater, author of Bring Your Own Flak Jacket, and we bring back Augustus Dunning and Carol Jones, who have participated in our show before.
Announcing the Second Summer of Love, Augustus says, ‘Turn on, tune in, opt out.’ Here is your invitation:
[A] Turn on Become a Terra-ist Put back on those love beads that you have hidden in the back of your dresser. Go back to the land, grow and smoke some pot. (By the way, as a sovereign entity you can.) You will never be wealthy, famous, or a rock star, and you shouldn't strive for those things; they are fleeting, transient and shallow Be a rebel, not one of the goyim (thats what the Zionists call us non-Jewish folk—it means cattle) Become farmers and craftsmen, with trades that provide things of real value [B] Tune in Look in the mirror Their power comes from our work and the money it generates. Their power comes from instilling the desire, using their media, for crap you don’t need Your dog does not need a manicure Your cat does not need a psychiatrist You do not need a plasma tv This is not your beautiful house—it is owned by the city of London You need not measure your worth by your wealth or position You need to listen to your heart [C] Opt out Walk away—to a new reality Become legal flesh and blood sovereign entities, that they cannot rule over They orchestrated the bankruptcy in 1933—not me or you They set up the admiralty courts—not me or you They set up the colorable law—not me or you They set up the federal reserve—not me or you They issue the colorable money with no value—not me or you Screw em; they can have it—but they cannot have me or you! We can start a new world order of our own. Never mind the Bullocks Forget all the Internet jibber jabber Opt out; walk off the job, and turn it all off!
The Arabs, the Zionists, and the Neocons need each one of you to 
  • Stay at work, 
  • Pay taxes, 
  • Buy clothing from foreign slave labor manufacturers that wears out and goes out of style in 5 months, 
  • Watch entertainment that instills a false sense of personal self and fears with no foundation, and 
  • Buy thousands of gallons of gas which has gone from 75 cents per gallon in 1999 to 3.50 per gallon in 8 short years.
The dollar is devalued, The Arabs are stabbing us in the back, The Zionists are controlling your perspective and The Neocons are destroying the economy and having a good laugh at your expense Will you answer their call, or listen to your heart, Siddhartha? I ain’t gonna work on Maggies farm no more—how 'bout you? Announcement Get 300,000 people listed around this country as sovereign entities to do just this, Opt out, (see attached file as part of the package to do this) using a second summer of love festival to achieve the learning phase and bringing back the hippie movement, wrestle the power out of hands of corrupt elected criminals, and pulling it all back to a globe of villages, not a global village. Gathering of the Tribes, 2008 Second Summer of Love—Berkeley, California
The Hippie Movement never died—it went Green!
A festival of Music—Information—Love—Hemp—and Sharing Tune In, Turn On, Drop Out! Learn how to opt out of the Grid system:
Get off the Grids of Power and Money How to become a Sovereign Entity Re-establish the Common Law Take back your communitites Decentralize power Decentralize food—establish local farming, putting nutrition back in food Stop GMO food production
Listen to the theme song, 50 Ways to Find Your Freedom:
The problem is all inside your head, she said to me
The answer is easy if you take it logically
The neocons and zionists don’t want you to be free
There must be fifty ways to save your freedom She said constitutional for the right to just be free
Furthermore, I hope my meaning wont be lost so you can see
You need to become a sovereign entity
There must be fifty ways to save your freedom
Fifty ways to save your freedom Just stay in the sack, Jack
Stay away from the job, Bob
Burn your SUV, Lee
Just get yourself free
Stop buyin that oil, Slick
Don’t listen to Dork and Dick
Stop payin' rent, Kent
And get yourself free
Stop payin' your tax, Max
Throw away that cell, Nell
Stop shopin' at Costco
Just listen to me
Move back to the land, Stan
Get out of Afghanistan
Throw away the key, Lee
And get yourself free
She said it grieves me so to see you loose your rights
I wish there was something I could do for you tonight
I said, I appreciate that and would you show me how to write
About those fifty ways
She said why don't we both just dream them up tonight
And maybe in the morning you'll begin to fight the fight
Then I realized she probably was right
There must be fifty ways to save our freedoms
Fifty ways to save our freedoms

March 12, 2008

The Lone Star Iconoclast—Interview with W. Leon Smith

2008 March 12
Publisher of the Crawford, Texas weekly, The Lone Star Iconoclast, W. Leon Smith has his newspaper going since 2000. He was catapulted to notoriety in 2004 upon endorsing John Kerry for President, an act that forced him into the ranks of whistleblowers.

In an article dated 25 February 2008, “A Peoples’ History of Crawford”, The Iconoclast features the indy documentary “Crawford”, by David Modigliani, that premiered at the South by Southwest film festival. This must-see film will next show at the AFI Dallas film festival Friday, March 28, 7pm, Saturday, March 28, 10pm, and Friday, April 4, 1pm. See the website for tickets and locations.

A resident of Clifton, Mr. Smith’s family dates to the founding of the Lone Star Republic. He has served as mayor of his town for 5 years and has embodied a local-control, communitarian approach to governance, as illustrated by his novel and humane handling of animal control and a cooperative approach to water resources.

Full disclosure: Melinda is a columnist for The Lone Star Iconoclast

March 10, 2008

Run from the Cure—Interview with Rick Simpson

2008 March 10

My name is Rick Simpson. I have been providing people with Hemp Oil medicines, at no cost, for about 3 years. The results have been nothing short of amazing. Throughout man's history hemp has always been known as the most medicinal plant in the world. Even with this knowledge hemp has always been used as a political and religious football.

To email Rick, write to

View the video on YouTube: Run from the Cure documents Rick Simpson's work to provide hemp oil to heal illness.

Order the DVD from the Phoenix Tears website

Caller Jeff from Idaho mentions Shirley's Wellness site as a resource and cites the work of Dr. Robert O. Becker, The Body Electric and Cross Currents. He also turned us on to G. Edward Griffin's site World Without Cancer, the Vitamin B17 Story.

Gina de Miranda suggests the site Digital Hemp.

Rick Simpson points to the history of criminalization of hemp by Harry J. Anslinger

Rick from Ohio brought to our attention the work of Dr. Johanna Budwig, who is an advocate of the health benefits of Flaxseed Oil

March 7, 2008

American Politics Journal—Interview with Gene Gaudette

2008 March 7
Melinda Pillsbury-Foster and Connie Shannon have a conversation with Gene Gaudette, publisher of the American Politics Journal.
Newsworthy: Ron Paul's announcement 6 March 2008, announcing the “winding down” of his campaign for nomination by the Republican party.
Gene, who aligns himself with the Progressive movement, explores his common ground with the Ron Paul Revolution.
Gene mentions the article on's site Ron Paul's Success Owed to Basic Psychology
Gene's 3-point program for what to do next:
  • Think globally; act locally
  • Protect the Internet
  • Plan in a chaotic manner
Local action is important and effective. Go on the offensive to solve the problems facing your community. 
Gene discusses the Wikileaks case, where a website was attacked for its whistle-blowing activities.
Caller Mark from Nevada brought to our attention the amusing YouTube video Neocons are Toast. Thanks, Mark!
Legislators: hold their feet to the fire. Gene suggests sending your legislator a copy of The Federalist Papers, to explain to them the checks and balances that are a part of our government.
Great question for presidential candidates: Will you promise to sign into law, legislation banning presidential signing statements?