March 25, 2008

Claim Your Own Freedom—Interview with Jane Stillwater, Kay Lucas, and Cindy Sheehan

2008 March 26

We bring back Jane Stillwater, the Iraqi Blogger and author of Bring Your Own Flak Jacket, and we welcome Kay Lucas, director of the Crawford Peace House, and, in the second hour of the show, Cindy Sheehan, peace activist and candidate for Congress.

Freedom is something you do not have until you give it to everyone. Hear how you can claim your own freedom.

Now, we will take back America. Most of the problems we face today can be traced back to two problems. First, the take over of the reins of government in America by corporations through various devious means. In 1789 they knew it as merchantilism. During the era of the Civil War, we called them Robber Barons. Today we know them as the Grid Corporations, the people who use deceit and government to steal, converting our lives into power and money in their pockets.

Second, the fundamental mistake made by the Founders in not carrying through with their mission. That mission was, and remains, to affirm to each of us our rights, given by God, invested in us from birth. To have ratified the Constitution without ending slavery and affirming women in their rights to control their own persons, property, and destinies, created the shackles that today still enslave us. It is time to understand and reboot the system.

The Constitution is for all of us. It always was.

Kay Lucas describes the history of the Crawford Texas Peace House, mentions David Modigliani’s documentary Crawford, and the fact that G. W. Bush’s Crawford ranch is already off the grid (shouldn’t yours be?).

Jane Stillwater and Kay Lucas meet for the first time!

Jane describes her difficulties in returning to Iraq to continue her work—the administration is denying her request to travel there. The Combined Press Information Center, in the Green Zone, has raised barriers to her return. She requests help from anyone in a unit that can embed her. If you can do this, or know of someone who can, please email Jane.

Caller Charles from New Hampshire brings to our attention a video by Linda Thompson, Waco, The Big Lie. Thompson is the founder of the American Justice Federation. 

Kay cites the credit grid as the most important grid to get off. 

Connie mentions Smedley Butler’s book, War is a Racket, which you can read online. 

Cindy Sheehan reports on her trip to stand in solidarity with other mothers in Egypt, which is a dictatorship (Hosni Mubarek has been in power since 1981). Mubarak has been using military tribunals to jail people who have been found innocent by civilian courts.

Cindy’s campaign is in it to win it! Her motto: “People before Politics”.

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