March 24, 2008

Granny Warriors—Interview with Linda Hunnicutt

2008 March 24
Linda Hunnicutt is the original Granny Warrior! How she was radicalized through a visit from the government, who wanted to take away Buddy, her companion, on the pretext that he was a monkey. Go figure. Contrary to what people have been led to believe, PETA is not the great benefactor to animals they claim to be.
Linda comments that people seem to have been trained to fear and to call the police rather than deal with their neighbors, an act that can have terrible consequences. “Stop and think,” she says “before you dial the authorities.”
Linda is presently traveling around the country in her RV, meeting people and talking about the issues of freedom. 
She has planned the Freedom Rally, for 15 April 2008 in Washington, D.C. You can print out and circulate a petition to Restore the Constitution. A separate site has more information about the rally itself, along with a link to the online petition.
Linda counsels people to start canning and preserving food: “Make sure you have a 6-month supply, and that you can cook it without using a microwave, or electricity, or even gas.”
Linda points up Michelle Mollman's site, which has a wealth of information about the rally, along with a video she created.


Anonymous said...

Melinda, Thank you so much for having Linda Hunnicutt, of the Granny Warriors on your program. I believe that Linda's contribution to today's Freedom Movement could be as historic as the ladies who championed the suffrage Movement or Rosa Park's contribution to the Civil Rights Movement.

Linda's support for the candidacy of Dr. Paul for President helped spread the grassroots Ron Paul Revolution. Now she is helping people understand that our movement is not just about one individual. Just as Dr. Paul, she encourages individual creativity and personal responsibility. That is what is behind the Freedom Rally in WashingtonDC on April 15th and our protest against the infamous Tax Day!

Linda was planning ahead long before Dr. Paul even suggested a march or rally. She already had made reservations and had her permit.

Linda has been a force behind encouraging and supporting citizens committed to our Constitution to run for office and lend their support to Dr. Paul and his efforts to defend our Constitution.

She also recognizes the importance of uniting people with different views into a powerful force against those in government who treat taxpayers as "subjects" rather than as actually the "boss" over those who are elected. That is what the April 15th Freedom Rally is all about, people from across this nation coming together to tell our elected representatives that our government is still "of the people, by the people and for the people" and we have had "ENOUGH!"

posted on behalf of Margie Raborn. Melinda, I urge you to have Linda back on your program often and I urge you to promote the April 15 Freedom Rally everyday you are on the air. This is historic and we can all be a part of it!

Thank you for all your effort to restore personal liberty and freedom. Margie Raborn

Michelle said...

The Revolution continues... if you would like to promote the next Rally in Sturgis, SD in July visit