April 10, 2008

Freedom’s Phoenix—Ernest Hancock
TexasTURF—Terri Hall

2008 April 11

We interview two luminaries of the Revolution.

Ernest Hancock is a long-time libertarian activist, the publisher of Freedom’s Phoenix, a news aggregator, and hosts a talk show on the Air America Radio affiliate in Phoenix, Arizona, KPHX 1480AM. By maintaining a consistent and understandable libertarian philosophy without compromise, he has been able to develop powerful relationships across the country and across the political spectrum. He is currently running for National Chair of the Libertarian Party, whose convention will be held in Denver, Colorado this May 22–26.

Terri Hall is founder and executive director of Texans Uniting for Reform & Freedom (TURF) a non-profit organization whose mission is to educate the public on our government’s conversion of public highways to toll roads and on the abuse of eminent domain by our government. TURF also educates the public about the Trans Texas Corridor (TTC), the first of the planned NAFTA Superhighways connected to the Security and Prosperity Partnership (SPP) and coming merger with Mexico and Canada through a North American Union (NAU). TURF is a grassroots group of Texans who are asking for reforms that require accountability and good public policy as well as promoting non-toll, sensible transportation solutions. Terri was recognized for her community activism as 2007 WOAI San Antonian of the Year: “Hall has in very many ways written the new guidelines for effective, bottom-up community and political organization in the 21st Century...”

Ernest joins us by cell phone: he is on his way from Phoenix, Arizona to Washington, D.C. to join Granny Warriors like Linda Hunnicutt for the April 15 Freedom Rally. You might want to head on up that way yourself!

Ernest relates his personal journey on the path of freedom, his radicalization, his alliance with the Libertarian Party and his efforts to reform the election process. He points out that, once he actually had a case before a judge, the press was willing to pay attention. He describes the early days in the grassroots efforts to support Dr. Ron Paul in his bid for Republican Party's nomination for President. 

Ernest gives credit to his wife and four kids for their important participation their common effort to change the world. 

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