April 4, 2008

Coppercards: Defending Your Rights—Interview with Clive Boustred

2008 April 4

A leading technology and business strategist, Clive Boustred has provided the architectural vision for some of the world’s most successful companies. Mr. Boustred has designed massively scalar systems that have grown to support well over ten million users.

The next-generation Internet and banking systems Mr. Boustred designed to support billions of users—was interrupted by a governmental assault during deployment. This incident resulted in his analyzing the legal industry and the development of CopperCards.

Clive's Liberty for Life site has well-researched articles on a number of topics that will open your eyes:

Clive discusses the reason an assassination attempt was made on him, in front of his children, by the Santa Cruz, California police.

Clive also discusses his initiative to bring justice to all citizens

Melinda mentions Steve Tvenden's work on natural ways to abate agricultural “pests”.

Clive quotes (1:17) Adolf Hitler’s Mein Kampf to illustrate how controlling communications is in the interests of the State.

Clive discusses (1:27) the way the legal system works, how you can deal with the government.

  • Tell the judge, “I am here by special appearance.”
  • Demand, “Show me the verified criminal complaint”.
  • Do not agree to the jurisdiction of the court.

CopperCards encapsulates the law in an easy-to-read form that you can carry with you. It shifts the paradigm and shows you how to stand up for your rights. CopperCards is a for-profit company that acts like AAA for people stranded in the courts.

The CopperCard Mortgage card helps people with mortgages.

Lee from Minnesota called to mention Lindsey William's book The Energy Non-crisis and a talk available on the Internet. Al the News Guy will have Mr. Williams on his show Wednesday, 9 April 2008 on RPRRadio at 7 am Central time.

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